Hairstyles How To: Sea-Blue Mermaid Hair
Learn how to create this gorgeous mermaid-inspired look with our simple, step-by-step guide. Click through to see the steps. [pagebreak]


Hair Tips: "Pop" Goes Your Haicolor
Traditional hair colors like brunette, blonde and red can be both beautiful and timeless. But not everyone is satisfied with this classic, albeit somewhat limited, palette. Unconventional hues are becoming more and more popular with clients asking for bold colors like deep blues, sea-inspired greens or bright, stand-out coral. Here are a few more suggestions for bold, unique hair colors from the Matrix COLORINSIDER team.1. We All Scream for Ice Cream

Hairstyles How To: Ke$ha's Wild Rainbow Look
Ke$ha showed off her new rainbow-inspired locks last week on Instagram, and while she may have spent a few hours in the salon to make her platinum perfection a kaleidoscope of color, you don’t have to spend nearly as much time achieving the look!

Pink Products: Bosley Professional Strength's Wet Brush
This month, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, we're highlighting products and collaborations that help support the cause.This month, Bosley Professional Strength is doing its part for Breast Cancer Awareness with a special giveaway. With every purchase of any full-sized Bosley Professional Strength Shampoo and Thickening Treatment, consumers will receive a Pink Bosley Professional Strength Wet Brush, completely free!

Portfolio: The White Collection
The White Collection from Z.One is a stunning juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity, color and the absence of color, and a feeling of impulse versus rationality, all combined with a delicately subtle, light balance.

Hair Tips: Fight Back Against Fading
A beautiful, rich hair color can utterly transform a person's look and even their mood. But there's nothing worse than seeing that gorgeous color begin to fade, leaving dull, lifeless hair in its place. Help your clients make the most of their color and help prevent unflattering fading with these tips that ensure long-lasting, beautiful hair.1. Skip the Sun

Pink Products: "Christine" Scarves by Wallaroo Are Designed to Empower Women
Hair loss is more than merely distressing for women.  No matter what the cause, losing one's "crowning glory" can result in a devastating drop in self-esteem, heightened anxiety and even lead to depression.  "Christine" is the name of a brand new collection of beautiful, contemporary scarves and turbans from Wallaroo Hat Company that's specially designed to help women who experience hair loss look and feel attractive, confident and feminine.

Hair Styles How To: Makeover: Danielle by Diadema
Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion  |  Makeup: Cristina Marzo per 20100 Milano  |  Photography: Stefano Bidini (Click the page numbers below to see each step) [pagebreak] Step 1:  Make a part from the occipital to the tip of the eyebrow and isolate the top.

At Reem Acra's Spring 2014 runway show, Didier Malige created huge, textured, poufed-out volume created with hairpins and flat iron. Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa brand and Redken Education Artistic Director, shows how to get this look. 1. Spray a small section (sections determine the size of the pattern) with Redken iron silk 11 and comb through to protect and hold.

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