Hairstyles How To: Red Rover
Red Rover, Red Rover…your hair ROCKS! So shiny and vibrant, tell us how it’s done! Rose Hawkins, owner of Di Rosa Haircare & Esthetique (Franklin Square, NY), recently posted this hot spring color on Facebook and now everyone wants it, so here’s a sneak peek at the formula.Base Color: Goldwell®  Topchic®  Max Reds Hair Color 5rr with 20 volumeHighlights: Start over the right eye with Goldwell®  Topchic®  Max Reds Hair Color 5vr and 20 volume in zig zag partings to the top of the crown.

Latin Billboard Awards 2013: Wella Professionals' Andy Lecompte Creates Summer H
Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist Andy Lecompte was behind the scenes at the Latin Billboard Awards Beauty Bar, creating the hottest, easy to recreate summer hairstyles. Follow Andy’s step-by-steps below to get the looks!

Hair Styles HOW TO: Bridal Makeover: Ashley by Navii Salon
Artist: Tracey Stokes Salon: Navii Salon Photography:  Jean Sweet Makeup: Jessica Sawicki

From hot hairstyles and makeup tips to nail trends and wardrobe, stylists and guest experts shared how to create the top spring looks and get a head start on sumer trends at Janine Jarman's "Best of Hairroin: Spring Edition." Spring Tresses:  Hairrion stylists educated guests on hair trends including some fun takes on braided and twisted styles.

Hair Styles Tips: Bang Trim Turns into Bridal Consultation
Catering to brides can be challenging, but it can also be a very cool creative outlet, given the right bride. Joi Rooks, KMS® California Artistic Team Member and owner of fresche salon (Atlanta, GA) recently turned a simple bang trim into a bridal consultation and creatively collaborated with a groovy bride that gave Rooks creative license to thrill.

Joshua Ladner is OutServe's Fashion, Beauty and Style Editor. He is an accomplished fashion stylist and beauty blogger, as well as manager of Stylique Salon in Minot, North Dakota. He is happily married and a proud father of two children; Andrew, age 6, and Madison, age 8.

There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to finding the perfect Father’s Day gift. Yes, there’s always the traditional necktie, mug and homemade card—or, you can retail something Dad will actually use this year!  Whether he’s a Classic Dad, a New Dad or a Dad in Denial, we’ve lined up a collection of gifts that are perfect for the patriarch of your client’s family.

Millennium Software is excited to announce their newly designed logo to represent the company’s continuous growth, their new corporate headquarters, and the widely anticipated upcoming release of their new groundbreaking software program, Meevo.

Hair News: Big Things Happen in Small Places
Sure, there are tons of amazingly talented people in NYC, LA and San Fran, but talent is EVERYWHERE, not just in big urban areas. BIG things happen in small places EVERYDAY and Andrew Carruthers, co-owner of Lunatic Fringe Sugarhouse is making it happen in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Hair Styles Tips: Caring and Styling High-Lift Washed Colors
From pastels to patterns, washes and blends, hair color is front and center this season and it’s never been as interesting and unexpected as it is right now.

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