Snow Queen by Donna "WinkWink" Flacks
Detroit-based hair stylist Donna "WinkWink" Flacks was inspired by the neutral tones of winter to create this Snow Queen look. Says Donna, "I came up with this idea for a snow queen because of all the beautiful snow winter brings. I talked with my good friend and wardrobe designer for this shoot, Andrew Martina, and we decided on a neutral tone instead of the typical blue/purple hues. I added Swarovski crystals on the eyelashes, neutral tan eyelids with a little silvery shimmer, and a pinker blush on the cheeks as well as a fawn lipstick.

ColorProof Evolved Color Care elevated a group of Level 1 Envoy Artists to the next level, Artistic Specialist, at an inspirational 2-Day training program held at the Atrium Hotel in Irvine, CA on January 12th and 13th. ColorProof Artistic Specialists serve as ambassadors for the Brand and perform a critical role in supporting ColorProof at shows, events and in salon classes.

The Power of Red by Pasquale Caselle
International creative director and celebrity hair stylist Pasquale Caselle created “Power Red” to embrace the strength, love and emotion in the color red signifies.To Ahieve Power Red:1. Anastasia’s natural hair color is a level 5 so Pasquale mixed equal parts IT&LY’s Aquarly 7RF (Flaming Red Medium Blonde) and 7R (Medium Copper Blonde) applying first to the root area. While processing, he began slicing using IT&LY’s tube bleach Blondly mixed with 30 volume developer lifting the hair to a pale yellow.

Guest Blog: Villa la Hair Revolution
2014 is all about revolution; it’s about hairdressers embracing change by saying and doing things differently. This year, I’m focusing on helping stylists take back their chairs by communicating differently. Saying the same old things over and over yields the same old results, but approaching conversations in new ways with innovate new words catches attention, creates excitement and starts conversations.  

2014 Golden Globes Beauty: Kate Beckinsale's Edgy Up-Do
For Kate Beckinsale's 2014 Golden Globe Awards look, celebrity stylist Sascha Breuer was inspired to create an edgier, "punk-inspired diva look that's a bit different from her usual soft, flowing waves." The result was a beautifully undone up-do that perfectly complemented the star's stunning gown.Get the Look:

Perfect Your Ombré Technique With These Stylist Tips
It's safe to say that the ombré trend isn't going anywhere. As celebrities and clients alike continue to request the popular style, ombré has evolved into a multitude of different hues and varying looks from natural-looking to bright and colorful. However, beautiful ombré can only be achieved by starting with the basics. Here, hair stylist Lisa Demeulemeester provides some tips on perfecting your ombré technique in order to create stunningly gorgeous results for your clients.

2014 Golden Globes Beauty: Caitlin Fitzgerald's Golden Waves
At the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, "Masters of Sex" star Caitlin Fitzgerald stepped out on the red carpet sporting gorgeous, relaxed blonde waves. Inspired by her vintage yet contemporary gown, celebrity stylist Luke Chamberlin aimed to recreate the same feeling in Fitzgerald's hair. Says Chamberlin, "I envisioned a modernized version of Lauren Bacall."Get the Look:  

The Breakup Collection by Misty Hosni
For a recent photo shoot, hair stylist Misty Hosni wanted to capture the feeling of going through a breakup. With this in mind, she created a series of edgy, cool looks, complete with wild, disheveled hair and dark, dramatic makeup. The overall result is a collection that is both untamed and gorgeous.Click through to see more images from the Breakup Collection. [pagebreak] [pagebreak] [pagebreak] [pagebreak]

2014 Golden Globes Beauty: Julia Louis-Dreyfus's Tousled Ponytail
At the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus proved that a ponytail can still be elegant. The actress sported a simple-yet-gorgeous tousled ponytail that kept her hair swept back, showcasing her striking gown and makeup. Celebrity hair stylist David Gardner used Wella Professionals products in order to create the look.Get the Look:1. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair using Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner.

2014 Golden Globes Beauty: Allison William's Sleek, Shiny Look
Celebrity stylist Anthony Campbell used Wella Professionals products in order to give actress Allison Williams a sleek, sexy look for the 2014 Golden Globes. Williams's stunning Alexander McQueen dress served as inspiration for Campbell, who chose to keep the star's hair elegant, simple and clean.Get the Look:1. First, hair was washed and conditioned with Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner,.

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