Hairstyles How To: A World of Curls
Help your client pull off perfectly tousled curls with this simple but sexy look. This 1920's-inspired hairstyle, created by Co-owner and Creative and Education Director of Gary Manuel Companies, Gary Howse, is the perfect way to ensure that your client leaves the salon feeling beautiful and confident.Below, Howse gives you the easy how-to:Step 1. Roll small sections of hair up into a circle and flat iron the curl. Clip and and allow curls to cool.

Pink Products: Paul Mitchell Schools Kick Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month
This month, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, we're highlighting products and collaborations that help support the cause.This October, the nationwide network of Paul Mitchell Schools is doing its part to help raise money and awareness for cancer-related causes, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation as well as other local organizations.

Hairstyles How To: Chocolatey Turquoise Hair on The Voice
On NBC's "The Voice," hopeful contestants take the stage in blind auditions where they bring not only their vocal talents, but also their individual fashion and beauty styles, out into the spotlight. Check out sixteen-year-old Juhi's cool, chocolatey turquoise hair that wowed the audience with its reflective, glowing quality.

Hair Styles How To: Makeover: Tina by Diadema
Hair  Diadema  |  Art Director:  Fabio Messina  |  Photography:  Andrea RainoldiMakeup:  Cristina Marzo per 20100Milano  |  Stylist:  Chiara Tubia [pagebreak] Step 1:  Create a part on the left side at a slight diagonal.

Joico Turns Heads With New Turnstyle Collection
Thanks to the power of breakthrough technology found in their high-quality products, as well as an appreciation for stylists' passion to reveal the individual beauty of each and every client, Joico turns heads. This year, the attention turns to curved, feminine shapes and a unique take on radiating color in Joico's 2013 Trend Collection, Turnstyle.

Masters of Hair: Sam Villa Joins Battle of the Strands
This October, the 14 finalists of the epic Battle of the Strands 2013 competition will gather for the final battle in Las Vegas. Battle of the Strands, the largest hair, makeup and wardrobe competition, spanning multiple countries including Puerto Rico and Mexico, will culminate in a fantastic last battle on October 14th. Hosted by Kim Vo and YouTube legend, Kandee Johnson, this closing showdown of the 2013 competition will decide which salon is crowned the victor.

Simplicity Wears a Crown: Watch Miss Miami 2013 Get Pageant-Ready With Simpl
As the current Miss Miami 2013, Christina Sthair, gets ready to hand down her crown and host this year's Miss Miami Pageant, her beauty secret is none other than Simplicity Hair Extensions. With its groundbreaking application process and long-lasting wear of 6 to 8 weeks, Simplicity Hair Extensions are so comfortable and natural, that Christina forgets she's wearing them. They give her instant length, volume and color in less than an hour, all while providing her with the confidence she needs to take the stage and MC the show.

Salons Face Gmail Exile
Over time, email marketing has proven itself to be a highly effective tool for salon owners. However, recent changes by Google regarding the way that email is filtered now threaten this success. By diverting promotional emails into what are essentially spam folders, Google is forcing salon owners and stylists to actively ask clients to re-categorize emails in order for these promotions to even be seen.

Guest Blogger: Community Involvement Drives Profit
Whether your salon is on a busy main street or in a rural idyll, I’ll bet one of your key strategies is building a loyal, long-standing clientele around your brand. Successful salons have always immersed themselves in their local community; it’s in our industry’s DNA.  We love people!Recent years have seen the concept of the online community gain traction, but it all boils down to the same thing: people spend money with businesses they feel they belong to and ‘like.’

Protecting Your Clients From Themselves: How To Say "No" To Your Clients
Sometimes, clients will ask for a combination of services that you know will not end well in terms of keeping their hair looking its best. Experienced salon owner and hair color expert, Teresa Reagor, teaches you how to say "no" to pushy and sometimes passive-aggressive customers with her 4 simple steps.

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