Sharni Vinson (AKA Tara)

2379 Sharni Vinson plays Tara, a member of the famed Roxy surfing team who is known as the “Queen Bee” and for not being welcome to newcomers, especially Dana.

You grew up on the beaches of Australia. Was your beauty regime similar to what you adopted for the movie?

Vinson: Growing up on the Australian beaches, my beauty regime has always been very simple. The ocean's salt water is the best cleanser for skin. The wet sand on the ocean floor makes for an ideal skin scrub. And I use coconut oil as moisturizer, which leaves my skin feeling extra-hydrated. Shooting Blue Crush 2 was like living this regime 24/7.

Did you have difficulty maintaining your hair with all of those water scenes?

Vinson: My hair loves the surf and sun, so maintaining it during filming was easy! The sun gives it its natural blonde highlights while the ocean's salt keeps it beach-y and wavy. I also use coconut oil in my hair—it conditions and hydrates so well!

What products did you use to wash away any signs of fatigue?

Vinson: There's nothing that wakes you up like jumping in the ocean in South Africa in winter. It’s icy fresh and was the key to looking healthy.


Photo courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Imagine Entertainment.