Sasha Jackson (AKA Dana)

2377 Sasha Jackson plays Dana, a down-to-earth California surfer girl whose mom died of cancer. The film follows Dana on her journey to South Africa to surf all the spots her mom once surfed including the place her mom dreamed of surfing, Jeffrey’s Bay, but never got the chance to.

You spent a lot of time in the salt water on this shoot. How did you keep your hair healthy?

Jackson: I always make sure to carry a bottle of leave-in conditioner spray whenever I go in the ocean; because I’m blonde my hair dries out extremely fast. I also had extensions in this movie so I had to use specific products from KMS California to protect them.

Did the sun bring out more of your hair’s natural highlights?

Jackson: The sun has always lightened my hair naturally, which is fantastic (and saves money too!). I had my hair colored at the very beginning of the shoot to match the extensions, and I never colored it again [during filming]. The sun kept the blonde very light so, luckily, I never had to deal with darker roots.

How did you protect your skin and keep it hydrated?

Jackson: My wonderful makeup artist Carla Fourie was very clued in about everything to do with skin, and she put sunblock on me every day in the makeup trailer. She used a very high SPF on my face instead of a base/moisturizer before applying my makeup. … Carla made sure I was protected the whole time. I was dying to get a tan, but I learned a lot from her and decided I'd rather have healthier, wrinkle-free skin!

Did you adjust your beauty regime for the South African climate?

Jackson: I had to make sure I hydrated my skin a lot more than I would normally because of the salt in the ocean. My lips were very dry a lot of the time so I had two toothbrushes--one to brush my teeth (obviously) and one to exfoliate my lips each night before applying Vaseline.

Was there a favorite makeup product you used while filming?

Jackson: This dark blush ink that was 100% waterproof and defined my cheekbones. It helped my self-esteem when the rest of my makeup had washed off after riding a killer wave and we went straight back into filming with no “touch ups.”

Your character is a California surfer girl. Do you relate, beauty-wise?

Jackson: I think any beach girl look is the most beautiful because it’s so natural. We hardly had any makeup on at all throughout this movie—it was an adjustment I had to get used to as I love makeup. But looking back at the footage, it’s amazing how much nicer just tinted moisturizer and waterproof eyeliner looks than heavy eyeliners. I’ve changed the way I do my makeup a lot since I got home—simple is better. Natural is the way forward! Besides, it’s way less time-consuming.

Photo courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Imagine Entertainment.