Salon Republic Takes The Hassle Out of Running A Salon for These Three Talented Salon Bosses

Salon Republic allows beauty professionals to focus on their craft!

Salon Republic offers studios in Colorado, Texas, and Southern California, with more locations opening soon. The private salon studios provide supportive benefits such as a complimentary towel service, a full-time salon manager, and free advanced classes for stylists looking to broaden their business expertise. Each private studio is customizable to represent each professional and their personal brand.

Attracting beauty professionals with a diverse variety of specialties, Salon Republic presents the tools to run a successful business, be your own boss and provide a top-notch experience for clients. Click through the slideshow below to meet three talented Salon Republic business owners.

[Images courtesy of Salon Republic]

  • Dre, Owner of Kraft Salon

    Dre started out like most hairdressers—experimenting on himself and his friends in his kitchen. After finishing school, he moved from Northern to Southern California and began working in and managing salons. He built up clientele and was able to open his own studio two years ago.

    What do you love most about what you do?
    I love the freedom. The freedom to create, the schedule I get to manage, and the people I get to work around.

    What are your favorite styles right now?
    I love skin fades on guys with a crop top and shattered layers and texture on girls.

    Do you have a specialty?
    I'd say men’s cutting and grooming is my specialty.

    What drew you to Salon Republic? What is your favorite thing about having a salon suite?
    I was drawn to Salon Republic because I wanted to work in a private space and listen to the music I wanted.  I opened up a studio about two years ago and last September I expanded into the studio next-door and I love it.  My favorite thing about Salon Republic is the accessibility.  There's key code access after hours, it's super useful that there is a full color store and products available for use!

  • A look inside Dre's studio

  • Vanessa Ceballos, Owner of VCFaceBeauty

    Vanessa Ceballos has been a makeup artist since 2000. Five years into her career, she had the opportunity to work for Anastasia Beverly Hills, where she was mentored by Anastasia herself. She started her own studio a few years later and joined Salon Republic in 2015.

    What do you love most about what you do?
    My clients are everything to me. From single ladies, to working mothers, and fabulous boys, being able to brighten someones day with something so small and be a friend, therapist, or confidante in a matter of 15-30 minutes is what makes all the time and work I put in worth it!

    What are your favorite trends right now?
    As for brows, my favorite trends are the natural looks, customizing and embracing your clients natural beauty. Outside of the brow world, I love the art scene. I represent my Mexican roots, and accepting that everyone owns their self expression through all forms of art and platforms in this international community is a style that has inspired my growth and I hope inspires others as well.
    Do you have a specialty?
    Customizing brows to each individuals features is my specialty. I don't follow different brow trends because what never goes out of style is what looks good on you. That will remain a classic, always.
    What drew you to Salon Republic? What is your favorite thing about having a salon suite?
    Salon Republic makes it possible for myself and other aspiring salon owners to start our businesses and provide easy transitions, supporting us from the beginning and continuously doing so. I always heard that they made it very accessible for independent contractors to branch themselves out into being salon owners. There are a lot of people I respect in this industry who are a part of the Salon Republic family. I love that I can refer other artist from hair to skin, making it a one stop shop for all my clients.
    Salon Republic makes it easy for both me and my clients, the accessibility makes a huge difference. They're supportive of our growth within the space we have, and allow us the freedom without all the responsibilities of having a storefront.
    There's nothing like having freedom in every aspect of your life, especially when it comes to your job. It never feels like I'm clocking in and out, I'm my own boss. Building my own team, surrounding myself with people I love helps create an environment that feels like home.

  • A look into Vanessa's studio

  • Kiyah Wright, Celebrity Hair Stylist

    Kiyah is an award winning celebrity hairstylist, with TWO Emmy’s, a Hollywood Beauty Award and Golden Scissor Award under her belt. Her first big break came when she met entertainment mogul, Sean ”Diddy” Combs at a party, he was so impressed with her personal style, he hired her on the spot to work with his newly formed Bad Boy Records artists Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans. Here, she began mastering the arts of style, color, cuts, hair weaving and full imaging.

    As a highly sought after beauty and style trendsetter, Kiyah draws much of her inspiration from her deep love of fashion when creating her signature hair designs and transforming the image of her clients. Kiyah’s diverse clientele reflects her impeccable ability to reveal and effectively translate a woman’s beauty, inside and out.

    What do you love most about what you do?
    My motto is “Change Your Hair, Change Your Life!” It’s nice when a woman comes into the salon for a new look or to change something and she leaves feeling empowered and beautiful. I love seeing the joy on my clients faces after they see their new look. I love the hugs and seeing these ladies feel sexy!
    What are your favorite styles right now?
    Right now, I am loving Bobs, the ones that are more blunt with no angles and Pastels.
    Do you have a specialty?

    My specialty is makeovers, I love that feeling when you change someone’s whole look !!
    What drew you to Salon Republic? What is your favorite thing about having a salon suite?
    I love Salon Republic for its individual uniqueness and the fact that we all can have a small business without any business overhead! That’s the best part.

    My experience at Salon Republic has been awesome! I can have a Beverly Hills address without a Beverly Hills rent! I also have the opportunity to meet so many of my stylist friends that I can learn from and chat with on a daily basis. It’s like being in a communal business with doors.

  • A look into Kiyah's studio

  • Salon Republic's Beverly Hills studio

  • An esthetician's studio at Salon Republic

  • Salon Republic's in-studio beauty supply closet

  • A large Salon Republic studio

  • The new Hollywood location, which will open soon

  • A studio at Salon Republic

  • A large studio space at Salon Republic

  • Salon Republic's new Del Mar location

  • The reception area at Salon Republic's Woodland Hills studio

  • A Woodland Hills Salon Republic studio

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