Lily Collins Debuts New 'Do at the MTV Movie Awards

sionnel celebrity colorist and Co-Founder of Juan Juan Salon, is the stylist responsible for Lily’s gorgeous new color debuted at the MTV Movie Awards.
“With Collins soon to be appearing as Snow White in the upcoming film, she needed to darken up her locks from her ombre-ish brown/blonde hair.  We didn’t want to make her too dark and appear ‘goth’, so I was very careful to keep her in the brown family and more “chocolaty”. I used L’Oréal Professionnel INOA because of it's amazing staying power,” says Jennifer.
According to Jennifer, “One way to successfully transition to darker hair is to add highlights.  The highlights I added in Lily’s hair give it more movement and volume, which can be challenging to achieve when changing hair from light to dark.”


Image:  Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment

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