Innuendos and Claims

FormaldehydeInnuendos and Claims

The controversy about formaldehyde and BKTs was brought front-and-center in 2007, when Allure magazine collected samples of various BKT brands and then sent them to independent labs for testing. The resulting reports showed that none of the BKTs tested were within acceptable formaldehyde limits, and some contained concentrations that were over 10 times what is considered to be a “safe” amount). But this exposé was prepared nearly three years ago when BKTs were new to the American market, and nearly all brands were being imported from South America.

(Intel: Since Allure’s “Scared Straight” article was released in October, 2007, the magazine has removed all test data from its website.)

Today, there are many American companies manufacturing and distributing BKTs—all of which claim to contain formaldehyde that’s within safe limits, or do not contain this chemical compound at all. For honest companies, the exhaustive battle to be recognized as above-the-board businesses is never-ending; for dishonest companies, the media maelstrom is being deftly deflected by false safety claims. So, how do you separate honest from dishonest purveyors of BKTs? There isn’t a single answer to this question, but rather several that will ensure that you are dealing with professional companies that have the welfare of service providers and their clients at the top of their safety lists.