How to Get the Look: Game of Thrones-Inspired Braids

Game of Thrones is back, and so are all the intricate hairstyles throughout Westeros. Scroll through below to see how to recreate the looks, all created by Denise Madrigal!

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  • Cersei Step 1

    Starting with dry hair, use the T3 Twirl Convertible (or similar curling iron) to curl and give texture to the hair. Alternate directions with each section of hair you curl.

  • Cersei Step 2

    Section the hair at the top to begin your two French braids. Create a part down the center of the top sectioned-out area to create two braids.

  • Cersei Step 3

    Once both French braids are completed, begin to twist the braids around three times and secure with a clear elastic.

  • Cersei Step 4

    To finish, hold with hairspray or texture spray.

  • Khaleesi Step 1

    Starting with dry hair, use the T3 Twirl Convertible to add waves and additional texture. Next, part hair down the center and on one side, begin an inverted French braid. Make sure to ONLY pull pieces from the top into the braid because we want enough hair on the bottom half to create another braid underneath it.

  • Khaleesi Step 2

    Continue braiding from the side until you have reached the back of the head. Clip it to the side of the head to secure. Repeat the same braid on the other side of the head. Once you have the two top side braids created, grab the first braid and conjoin the two together and clip to secure.

  • Khaleesi Step 3

    Next, you are going to create the same two braids underneath the top ones. Make sure to leave enough hair out at the bottom so it does not appear stringy.

  • Khaleesi Step 4

    Now you have three braids (2 on the top and one bigger one on the bottom. Grab all three braids and begin making one big braid.

  • Khaleesi Step 5

    Secure with an elastic, and finish with hairspray!

  • Sansa Step 1

    For this final Game of Thrones inspired style, we will be adding to Khaleesi's look. Clip your braid away for now and grab the T3 SinglePass Luxe Flat Iron to curl the hair. Simply take a section of the hair, close the iron around the hair and begin to rotate the iron with your wrist, back and forth while moving down the section. Once you have finished creating the waves, spritz hair with texturizing spray.

  • Sansa Step 2

    Next, section out a 1” piece of hair behind the ear on both sides. Leaving out those two sections, grab the rest of the hair and braids and pull into a low pony. Secure with an elastic.

  • Sansa Step 3

    Next, take one of the pieces behind the ear and wrap it around the pony and tuck into elastic. Repeat this step on the other side.

  • Sansa Step 4

    Finish with hairspray to complete look.


[Images courtesy of Nine Zero One Salon]

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