Elizabeth Mathis (AKA Pushy)

2378 Elizabeth Mathis plays Pushy, a warm South African native surfer who immediately befriends Dana and takes her under her wing, helping her to fulfill her mother’s dream of surfing Jeffrey’s Bay.

You were on set for grueling hours. How did you maintain a fresh, healthy glow?

Mathis: I really tried to eat well, drink lots of water and get as much rest during my down time as possible! The basics are always so important!!

How did South African weather affect the texture of your hair?

Mathis: Well, my hair is naturally curly, so prior to shooting and since we were involved in heavy water training, I left tons of conditioner in it and rocked the curly look. It was great because it was winter in South Africa and not too humid at the time. But during shooting, my hair was in braids, so I just tried to maintain them by washing and rinsing the seawater out daily. They also had a braid tamer there that some of the local girls loved!!

Did the braids make it more difficult or easier to maintain your hair?

Mathis: The braids were great! It made it a ton easier to maintain my curly locks. The upkeep was a little hard though; We had to keep re-braiding the front of my hair to make sure my curls weren't coming out because we spent so much time in the water.

You filmed in the sun for hours on end. How did you protect your skin?

Mathis: Sunblock is so important. We used Island Tribe sunblock with SPF 40. It’s a popular brand in South Africa and worked really well in the water.

What kind of beauty does a South African surfer girl embody?

Mathis: Being natural, beautiful within her own skin and [she has] a love for the water!

Photo courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Imagine Entertainment.