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From Then To Now: 10 Iconic Blondes
The saying goes that "blondes have more fun," and from the days of Hollywood's Golden Age to the revolutionary 1960s to present day, blondes have been setting trends and most certainly having fun along the way. But blondes don't just have fun; they also make history. Check out our list of 10 iconic blonde superstars, known not only for their gorgeous hair, but also for their impact on fashion, beauty, popular culture and the world.

Launchpad stopped by the set of the Gloss & Toss shoot with Billy Lowe to get a sneak preview at the new products! We can't wait to share more about the products, but until then here's a peak behind-the-scenes! (Continue to page 2 to see more photos!) [pagebreak]

Hair Trends: Homecoming Hair
'Tis the season for Homecoming and, of course, gorgeous Homecoming hair! We asked for pictures of your best hairstyles for clients getting all dolled up for High School's biggest autumn event, and you responded with an array of unique, fun styles. See some of the beautiful looks by clicking through to the next pages! [pagebreak] Hair By: Amber Kelley at LuLu Salon and Spa, Overland Park, KS [pagebreak]

To celebrate the launch of MAC Cosmetics' limited edition Rick Baker Collection, Baker and the brand hosted a Monster Mash on Oct. 19th at the artist's Glendale, Calif.-based Cinovation Studios. Approximately 300 guests were in attendance, wearing their very best "monster chic" looks. Rick Baker (center) with his models/creations. Credit: MAC/Wire Image.

Beauty Launchpad joined Alfaparf Milano at the Greystone Manor in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of the new Semi di Lino line. Alfaparf Milano's Architect of Design, Josh Banks, kicked off the night with a presentation, creating glamorous burlesque inspired looks! The models then showed off their new hair designs in a dance number performed to Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines!

The Privé Design Team led by master stylist Laurent Dufourg did a record number of shows at Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles this week. Launchpad’s Editor at Large Marianne Dougherty went backstage yesterday to watch the team prepare for the first show of the day, which featured three designers: Tina Marie, Silvia Bours and Cristina Nitopi. Dufourg’s son Chelby, who is Director of Education, gave her the lowdown on the three disparate looks. Let’s start with CrisTina NiToPi where the models sported very textured 1940s rolls but with a modern twist.

The Ugly C: An Interview with Nail Tech & Breast Cancer Survivor Becky Denningto
Becky Dennington is a nail tech, a wife, a mother of two, an author… and a breast cancer survivor. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with the illness, and took to writing to deal with it. In 2011, she released a book detailing her experiences: Me and the Ugly C. Now in remission, she's been involved with and honored by the 18 Fore Life Banquet, the American Cancer Society, and the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program 2013 Symposium.  


Hair loss, especially at a younger age than we’re used to seeing, is a common concern these days. Statistics show a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking treatment for thinning, balding, and brittle hair. Several factors contribute to hair loss, including lifestyle, genetics, and nutrition. Don’t invest in a wig just yet thought – in many cases, hair loss is reversible, or at the very least, can be stopped, by following a few key lifestyle tips: 

With winter quickly approaching, a quick update to a makeup look or routine allows your client to try something new with little commitment. Below, Jane Iredale, the Skin Care Makeup, gives us their top trends to try this winter. 

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