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Charlie Mindu Creates Golden Hair Collection with Hairdreams
French Hair Designer of the avant garde fashion world, Charlie Le Mindu creates another head-turning show with his latest, extravagant collection using golden hair by Hairdreams! He presented his new spectacular collection "Gold Sabah“ at Paris Fashion Week on the second floor of Paris' Galeries Lafayette and a couple of days later at Fashion Week Berlin.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Products You Can Purchase to Benefit Research
You pay with your wallet, you vote with your wallet... and now, with that very same pouch in your pocket, you can even help fight cancer. Beauty Launchpad rounds up a selection of breast cancer awareness (or, BCA) products the beauty industry offers—with an extra measure of purchasing power. Proceeds go to breast cancer research or initiatives that promote fighting, curing, and helping patients cope with the disease. Check out our September issue for even more ideas!   Above:

Beauty enthusiasts gathered to share their love for beauty at Siren Studios on August 24 in Hollywood, CA at BeautyCon 2013. From celebrity stylist beauty gurus (including Joico's George Papanikolas!) to YouTube personalities and celebrities, insiders offered tips and inspired one another. Over 25 brands offered visitors to BeautyCon an interactive experience. The event was clearly the place to be on Saturday, as evidenced by the 3 block long line of beauty fans hoping to attend. Some guests admitted that they had been waiting in line for 4 hours! 

NYX Cosmetics brought together 6 young talented up-and-coming beauty vloggers to compete for the title of National Beauty Vlogger of the Year. Not only does the winner receive $25,000 in cash, but she also will experience an opportunity of a lifetime to help propel her career in beauty.

Cozy sweaters, plaid skirts, and fitted blazers all say fall. Give clients the latest trend (easily!) by doing their nails up with Minx wraps reminiscent of classic patterns. Warm up chilly hands with these fabric-inspired designs. »[pagebreak]

Beauty Tips: Boom Boom Addresses Waxing Rumors
Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, sets the record straight on common rumors about eyebrow waxing.True or False? Hair grows back thicker and darker after waxing.FALSE! Repeated waxing actually reduces that amount of hair that grows back, and after a while, follicles stop producing hair altogether. Hair also appears thinner because it does not have the blunt edge that threading/shaving can leave.True or False?  Never wax above the brow.

Hair Styles Tips: 7 Winning "Pinning" Tips for the Hottest Hair Accessory
Bra straps.  Baby bumps.  Bobby pins.  Back in the day, all of these things were supposed to stay hidden.  Not any more!  Nowadays, lingerie lives on the outside, baby bumps are proudly displayed in form-fitting garb and bobby pins have become the hottest hair accessory!  “They’re fresh, girly and chic,” declares Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney, who shares seven ways to pin with a plomb!

Hair Tips: Perfect Fall Color for Any Tone
A new season means a new a new hue! Dark hues are always in style, but never more than in the chillier fall and winter months. It's time to embrace the bold, new trend by gradually going darker over time. Ben Everin, Senior Hair Colorist at Antonio Prieto Salon has the following tips for achieving the perfect fall color for any tone. Click through the next three pages to see advice for picking the best shade of blonde, red, and brunette![pagebreak]

Beauty News: Denise Richards is New OROGOLD Spokesperson
OROGOLD Cosmetics is excited to announce that the lovely Denise Richards of ABC Family's Twisted will be their new spokesperson. Though the opulent skincare company only launched in 2008, it has grown to an impressive 70 stores worldwide.  What makes the brand unique is that all of their products are infused with pure 24K gold.

NAHA Texture Winner Anthony Cress Shares Tips for Success
Anthony Cress, Texture Category winner at the 2013 North American Hairstyling Awards, shares his tips for achieving success as a stylist. "First comes passion, then comes skill, and finally speed, in that order,” says Cress. He divides his time between Studio 4 Salon, The Harlot Salon in Venice, Ca, and editorial work for print, film and runway. “It’s important to treat what we do as a craft and an art form, stay passionate about what you do and progression, evolution, and success will come naturally."

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