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What Men Really Think About a Woman's Hair
Hair is a powerful thing - not only does it affect your outward appearance, but it can also completely alter your mood and make you feel beautiful inside and out. Women know the power of great hair, but did you know that eight in ten men judge a person by her hair alone? 

Vote for Your Favorite Joico Product Design
Last month, Joico announced that it has partnered with effervescent artist Bella Pilar to create stylish, sassy, feminine designs for a stunning new collection of Joico gift sets rolling out later this and Joico wants its fans in on all the fun! 

How to Answer 10 FAQs about Caring for Hair After a Salon Visit
Help your clients get the most out of their new hairstyles! Celebrity stylist Marco Pelusi shares tips on how to answer frequently asked questions about caring for hair after a trip to the salon.Is there an ideal water temperature for washing your hair to keep it healthy/shiny/manageable?Warm water for the shampoo -- and if possible -- after conditioning -- use a cool rinse to close the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) -- and seal your hair.

Faatemah Ampey Presents Classic Styles with a Modern Twist at ISSE
Faatemah Ampey presents classic styles and retro silhouettes with a modern twist. Check out photos of her style creations from ISSE 2014! [pagebreak] [pagebreak] [pagebreak]

Oscars Hair Trends by Ray Salazar and Corey Chambers
Celebrity hair stylists Ray Salazar and Corey Chambers of Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills foresee a lot of "off the shoulders" drama and glamour in hairstyles for the 2014 Academy Awards. 

Author and Motivational Speaker Lizzie Velasquez on True Beauty
Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three known people in the world who can't gain weight or build muscle. Cruelly dubbed "The World's Ugliest Woman" in a YouTube video now seen by over 4 million viewers, Lizzie was crushed - but not for long. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh for MASTERS Audio Club, Lizzie describes her best revenge.

Joico Partners with Artist Bella Pilar, Hosts Voting Contest
To kick off Joico's partnership with the effervescent artist, Bella Pilar, the hair care company will host a voting contest on its Facebook page to allow all voters' voices to be heard. Fans of Joico on Facebook can vote on which of the designs by Bella will be featured on the packaging of a very special product promotion to be released later this year. Voting is open to everyone, and for US residents only, each individual vote will automatically enter the voter into a special giveaway where he or she can win prizes, including a grand prize.

Snow Queen by Donna "WinkWink" Flacks
Detroit-based hair stylist Donna "WinkWink" Flacks was inspired by the neutral tones of winter to create this Snow Queen look. Says Donna, "I came up with this idea for a snow queen because of all the beautiful snow winter brings. I talked with my good friend and wardrobe designer for this shoot, Andrew Martina, and we decided on a neutral tone instead of the typical blue/purple hues. I added Swarovski crystals on the eyelashes, neutral tan eyelids with a little silvery shimmer, and a pinker blush on the cheeks as well as a fawn lipstick.

Damage Control: Before and After by Denice Drost
Denice Drost is a stylist in Sherman, TX who specializes in transforming dry, damaged hair into gorgeously shiny, healthy locks. Recently, Denice helped a client with extremely damaged ends and about 8 inches of outgrowth revamp her look while maintaining the length and color of the client's hair.Says Denice, "[The client] told me she wore [her hair] up every day in a bun… She asked me for a look that would transform her appearance, but with the stipulations that I not take too much off the overall length and that she had to stay blonde."

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