Sassoon Academy's New Pop Collection
Sassoon Academy's latest collection looks at the art world, socio-economic trends and street style! International Creative Director Mark Hayes explains some of the influences behind the collection including the grunge movement, pop art and psychedelia of the 1960s. NU-POP Nu-Op:

Cheating clients can break more than your heart - they can break your business, too. 

After establishing the fundamentals of elevation and over direction, finger angle comes into play. Finger angles within sections are very important because they create depth in shapes…and when not understood properly, can cause confusion when cutting. Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa, reviews the fundamentals of finger angles:

Marie Claire Fashion Director/Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and ghd’s Brand Ambassador, celebrity hairstylist David Babaii, offer red carpet commentary and trend forecasting. Watch what they have to say about style at the Golden Globes! [Image/Video courtesy of Bold PR]

Sometimes the best way to unlock creativity is to turn to the fundamentals. Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa, reviewed elevation first - the "up and down" movement of the hair that controls the vertical aspect of the silhouette. The second part of the fundamentals series explores over direction (the opposite of elevation) - the forward and back movement of hair that controls the horizontal aspect of the silhouette.

Blo Blow Dry Bar and Body by Blo’s franchise partner Cynthia Keenan recently held a special pamper day that included a “Pink” carpet, pink balloons, special treats as well as free services for the young patients of the Children’s Cancer Center of Tampa

American Crew Opening Night runway
Take a peek at the runway and behind the scenes of American Crew Opening Night 2014! 

Watch! Unite's 2014 Global Session
Get a glimpse at Unite's 2014 Global Session in San Diego, California as stylists including Kevin Ryan, Jake Thompson, Paul Stafford and more inspire with demonstrations and hands-on education.

We've all seen THAT stylist before, whether she's a little on the gossipy side, totally distracted, or utterly unsanitary. Don't be THAT stylist! Watch the lighthearted video below from Hair 101 with April, and learn what NOT to do in the salon! 

Hairdressers can feel stuck in the haircuts they are most comfortable with. What keeps them stuck is the fear of an unfavorable outcome when stepping outside of those few haircuts. Ironically, the way to move past that fear and unlock creativity is actually going back to basics! Elevation, over direction, and finger angle are all concepts covered in beauty school, but how many stylists really understand what they mean and how they affect the end result of a haircut?

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