Androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is the most common cause of hair loss affecting up to 70% of men and 40% of women. It’s a pretty sensitive subject, yet one that should be addressed. Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa, refers to balding spots as "light areas" when consulting guests on the right products, cut and tools to help make hair look thicker and fuller. 

Watch! Sophy Merszei Shares The Story Behind NovaLash
Sophy Merszei, CEO and Founder of Novalash, talks about the importance of eyelash safety and the story behind the creation of NovaLash! [Photo and video courtesy of NovaLash

Watch! Coachella Braided Hairstyle How To
The first weekend of Coachella is coming up and we're here to help you out with those important hair choices. Looking for just the right braid? Get excited because stylist Jasmine Chang shows you how to create a trendy braided half-up hairstyle to complete your cool festival look. [Image and video courtesy of Jasmine Chang]

Watch! Create This Mermaid Inspired Ombre
As we swim full speed ahead into spring and summer, treat tresses to a mermaid makeover by revamping a current ombré, adding bold, jewel-toned shades to ends.

Watch! ColorpHlex Makeover Transformations
ColorpHlex is a 2 step color strengthening additive that transforms hair to look and feel healthier and shinier. It improves the strength and quality of the hair from the inside out. See the before and after results as hairstylist Adina Ferra demonstrates four ColorpHlex makeovers, including one on Launchpad's very own Amy Dodds! [Video courtesy of ColorpHlex]

Stylists Share Why They #LoveAveda
There are more than 35,000 stylists in 9,000 salons around the globe who are all connected by the passion for Aveda’s pursuit of exceptional artistry, high-performance products using the power of botanicals and the mission that guides Aveda in “caring for the world we live in.”What makes Aveda so special? Watch the video and find out why stylists around the globe love Aveda.

“Erratic growth patterns at the neckline can be intimidating, do you take the hairline up high and cut away the chaos or do you let it grow to cover the problem?” asks Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa. The solution? Take a soft approach and turn to special tools used in specific ways to manage the growth and cultivate a natural looking groomed hairline.

Watch! Pixelated Hair Tutorial
Learn how to create pixelated hair color, the latest and unique eye-catching trend for clients who are fans of digital art, 8-bit graphics and lots of color. ProRituals Creative Director and Emmy-winning stylist, Terence Michael Renk, demonstrates how to get the look: [Image/video courtesy of West Public Relations]

Winter can be harsh on hair; the extreme cold weather and indoor heating can make it feel brittle and dry. Pureology Precious Oil System is the perfect cure - it delivers ingredients that restore hair to make it feel soft and supple. In the video below, Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, offers tips on how to use Precious Oil to beat the winter hair blues. 

Watch! Messy Pull Through Fishtail Braid Tutorial
Stylist Jasmine Chang guides you step-by-step to create this messy braided half-up fishtail hairstyle. Watch this video to learn how to get the fun and flirty look! [Image and video courtesy of Jasmine Chang]

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