As evidenced by 2015 Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week runways, the top hair trends for the upcoming season embrace natural texture, effortless styles, and a subtle nod to "retro" styles of the 1990's. With this in mind, hairstylist Frank Marasco created a Fall 2015 collection that embodies these trends and incorporates popular, of-the-moment salon looks. With styles for women, men, and kids, Marasco's collection embraces effortless texture, vivid colors, and, in the case of his men's looks, a modern twist on distinctly 90's looks.

Like fashion trends, popular hairstyles go in and out of style, often dictated by everything from pop culture, to economics, to international influence. Over the years, hairstyle trends for both men and women have changed drastically, sometimes favoring completely new looks, and other times falling back on classic, traditional styles. We've rounded up some of the most popular, trend-setting hairstyles of the past century, from the Gibson Girl, to the mop top, to ombré, and everything in between!

Created by hairstylists Dylan Johnson and Vinnie Morey, the latest collection from GO24.7 blends old and new with refreshing twists on classic men's styles. Says Morey, "[The collection] is an homage to traditional, classic barbering of the past with a nod to the future of men's grooming." Traditional tin type photography lends a touch of antiquity to the collection, while the styles themselves are decidedly contemporary.

Eufora Global Team Member Mirza Batanovic was inspired by a desire to "style beautiful, healthy, manageable hair," leading to the creation of this gorgeous photo shoot that features one popular haircut styled four ways for a series of completely unique looks. The photo shoot, which took place in San Diego, CA, faced less-than-ideal weather obstacles, but the drizzly weather didn't put a damper on Batanovic's ability to create gorgeous, humidity-defying styles. Said Batanovic, "Naturally, it rained heavily that day, and we were shooting outside.

The ICE Collection by LAKMÉ is inspired by a summer storm and the range of leaden, steel greys, platinum hues and sophisticated colors that characterize it. The frosty colors are combined with multi-layered cuts and highly pronounced bangs that favor subtle, flowing movement of the hair.Click through to see the step-by-step process for creating this stunning look! [pagebreak] 1. Bleach the hair with K.Blonde and Collage Hydrox 30V. 1:2 mix. [pagebreak]

Smart, strong and sexy - the latest looks from Scruples effortlessly combine timeless style with dramatic edge. Characterized by bold color and compelling cutting techniques, these short, medium, and long looks are styled with high-performance Pearl CLASSIC COLLECTION products, capturing the alluring confidence of power.Click through to see how each gorgeous look was created! [pagebreak] Model: HannahSession Styling: Charlie Price, Independent Creative Consultant

Sam Villa has released the Modern Heritage Sam Villa Collection, a series of styles created by Team Sam Villa that merges influences from the heritage of hairdressing from the 1960’s and 70’s with the 90’s, resulting in haircuts that meet the needs of the everyday hairdresser and client.

Incorporating knot and rope shapes, these playful updos keep hair pulled back with a twist. Take a look at these pretty hairstyles from Carol DeLange Grandaw's Spring/Summer collection. CREDITS:Hair: Carol DeLange GrandawPhotography: Bob WilliamsMakeup: Rio Omachi

Spring/Summer 2015 Trends: Matrix 21C POP!
This Spring and Summer season, pops of vibrant color and bold hair styles are the leading trends. The muse for this trend was American Pop Art – an art form inspired by the modern images of national icons and is as vastly diverse and vibrant as its culture. 21C POP! captures the animation, exhilaration and attitude of this prominent period in American history. Enjoy as we take you on a journey inspired by iconic Pop Art canvases around America.

The Allilon Education Art Team has launched Okafor, a stunning collection inspired by the hyperrealist portraits of renowned pencil artist, Kelvin Okafor.Boasting dramatic shapes with flashes of dark colour, the collection takes inspiration from the shape of the eye – the focal point of Okafor’s drawings. Fusing a mixture of portrait photography with black and white and pencil drawings, the collection truly comes to life to showcase the work of the collaborative artists.

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