During the recent 2015 Global Color Zoom competition, Goldwell unveiled its latest Hair Fashion collection: D!SRUPT. The collection, inspired by the latest fashion trends and meant to incite experimentation, features edgy shapes, daring color, and an array of textures. The final result is a lineup of looks that emphasizes contrast - between the organic and the synthetic, neutral and vibrant colors, and shiny and matte surfaces - and defies convention.

Matrix recently released its Fall/Winter 2015 Trend collection, entitled True Pioneers. The collection is inspired by the spirit of the American West and the history of early American settlers who traveled to unexplored territory in search of a new life. Today, the story of America's pioneers has evolved into a modern day fantasy of Western life through contemporary global fashion. Inspired by the raw red rocks, wild prairies and searing deserts, this collection leaves no frontier unexplored.Flip through to see each look from the collection.

Just in time for Halloween, Michael's Salon and Day Spa in Dayton, OH put together a fun, carnival-themed photoshoot inspired by FX's American Horror Story. Dubbed "American Hairror Story," the shoot features an array of wild looks perfect for your client's upcoming Halloween celebrations. Flip through to see the full photoshoot from Michael's Salon and Day Spa! [pagebreak] [pagebreak] [pagebreak]

L’ANZA Healing Haircare recently released the brand's latest color campaign for Fall 2015: Beauty is Color. Drawing inspiration from the purity of hair color, the experts at L'ANZA created color tones with depth and shine, like cool blondes with accents of soft purples and pearly pinks, intense, textured coppers, and inky, rich brunette shades. This season, it's all about tone-on-tone color. Click through to see more images from L'ANZA's Beauty is Color! [pagebreak] [pagebreak]

Hairstylist Misty Hosni was recently inspired to do a photoshoot inspired by 19th century glamor. Says Misty, "I… was inspired by the early 1800s, and wanted to do a photoshoot with someone who deserved a day of pampering." With this in mind, Misty created the elegant, sophisticated looks seen here for her model, Marisa Hawk, an "amazing mother of five - four biological kids, and one adopted."Flip through to see more gorgeous shots! [pagebreak] [pagebreak] [pagebreak]

Haircare brand Scruples has released its latest collection, Inner Glow. The ethereal collection is inspired by the idea of finding "radiance from within." A mixture of multidimensional cuts, colors, and sophisticated styling, the collection focuses on short, medium, and long looks, all styled with the restorative WHITE TEA Luxury Collection products.Flip through to see each look from the Inner Glow collection, as well as the how-to's to recreate the gorgeous colors and styles. [pagebreak]

Mod Love
With a wink to the swinging ’60s, the team at the Aveda salon Stress Exchange in London create a beguiling collection.   Bringing to mind young Olivia Hussey in 1968’s Romeo and Juliet, the collection from England’s Stress Exchange Art Team pairs youth and innocence with elegance and modernity. Soft touches of purple accent long layers that are sleekly styled—a perfect blend of trends for fall.   Check out the rest of the collection below!

As evidenced by 2015 Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week runways, the top hair trends for the upcoming season embrace natural texture, effortless styles, and a subtle nod to "retro" styles of the 1990's. With this in mind, hairstylist Frank Marasco created a Fall 2015 collection that embodies these trends and incorporates popular, of-the-moment salon looks.

Like fashion trends, popular hairstyles go in and out of style, often dictated by everything from pop culture, to economics, to international influence. Over the years, hairstyle trends for both men and women have changed drastically, sometimes favoring completely new looks, and other times falling back on classic, traditional styles. We've rounded up some of the most popular, trend-setting hairstyles of the past century, from the Gibson Girl, to the mop top, to ombré, and everything in between!

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