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Olympic Style by Wella Professionals
This year, Wella Professionals will be creating a full-service hair salon at the P&G Family Home for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, situated in the Olympic Park. Building on the success of Wella's activity at The London 2012 Olympic Games, the brand will be selecting 12 top colorists and stylists from around the world who will travel to Sochi to be part of an elite team providing hair services to beautify athletes and their families.

Fall 2012's Best Makeup Trends
In Beauty Launchpad's September 2012 makeup trends story, "Fall's Best Makeup Trends," (link here to page 116) you could go goth with a blackened berry mouth or sooty eyes, or full-on fun with multichormatic lids. But what about those beauty constants that always top our list of looks we want now? They're here, with Makeup Trend #4 Seamless Skin and #5 Rosy Cheeks proving that these types of subtle staples are here to stay.

Wax Jobs
Employ these eyebrow-waxing tips to ensure a smooth experience. Typically, we shield our faces from anything hot, but in the case of brow-shaping, turning up the heat with waxing is just the ticket. According to Susanna Disotto, director of Satin Smooth, the benefits of waxing brows are numerous: “It’s extremely quick, and the effects can last up to three weeks,” she notes. Also, waxing allows you to achieving a crisp, clean shape.

Wow Brows
Zany brows peak at a clutch of fall runway shows.

Raising the Brow
The beefed-up brow takes fall beauty by storm. Can your clients handle it? Thick and filled-in: The brow of the season is beefier than ever. “I am thrilled about the trend toward a strong, bold brow,” shares Malynda “Boom Boom” Vigliotti of the Boom Boom Brow Bar in Manhattan. “Bold brows are gorgeous and can really transform a face and make a statement.”

Clean Bristles
Ensure your makeup-brush bristles are as clean as a whistle for every service.

Bye-Bye Brows
We zero in on the barely-there brow trend.

Tat You
Up your clients’ fierce factor with temporary tattoos.

Crazy Beauty
Zero brows, black lips, tatted arms, legs and necks: Beauty's gone bonkers this season.View PDF version for products and more images »

Brace for Impact
Bold color, lively combinations, sheer applications: Spring’s makeup stimulus package emboldens wearers to create an impact. by Karie L. Frost

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