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The first-ever hair color technique created by Redken Artists, Blur, is revolutionizing the industry once more with the introduction of the new Luxe Blur: three new blending techniques – Midnight Blur, Champagne Blur and Rose Gold Blur – that transform brunettes and blondes alike by providing increased dimension and radiance. 

How to Make Your Own Wool Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks are slightly rebellious and youthful, yet there is a misconception that they are easy to maintain. They actually require constant maintenance to keep clean and controlled, and when ready to transition to a new look, they have to either be cut or picked out which is extremely time consuming.  Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa, has an alternative way to create dreads with wool, making them less of a commitment and easier to maintain.

Silver/grey hair color is a huge trend this year, but it can be hard to pull off in real life. When stylist Hollie Jacques had a client come in wanting to test the silver hair color waters without completely diving in, Jacques was able to create this perfect in-between shade that's part blonde, part silver, part lavender, and completely stunning!

Jessica Rivera, hairstylist at Aurelio Salon recently had a client come in with level 4-8 color and a natural level of 5 wanting a bubblegum pink hair color. Rivera decided to use Elumen Hair Color for it’s vibrant color choices and long lasting vibrancy to give her guest the perfect shade. Below, Rivera shares her formulas and the steps she took to create this fun bubblegum pink!

“The weather is still cold in most places right now, but we’re thinking spring and looking for contrasting colors that make hair shine, and cranberry chocolate has been a really popular combination for our dark hair beauties in the salon,” says Joi Rooks, owner of fresche salon in Atlanta, GA.

Just in time for spring, manicurist Julie Kandalec offers this surprisingly simple, wildflowers nail art tutorial. Using four happy shades from essie, Kandalec shows how you can help your client celebrate the warmer weather and longer days that lay ahead!

Recently, new type of wavy texture has been gaining popularity - it's not beachy or polished, but rather a bit wavy, a bit straight, and altogether nonchalant. As seen on a multitude of Fashion Week runways, the new trend is a little dirty and sexy with a carefree attitude and waves that don't all turn in the same direction. It’s actress Jessica Szohr’s (Gossip Girl, Brightest Star, Lucky in Love) signature look – effortless beauty that always looks amazing.

Professional stylist Vanessa Fermin recently helped her client go "from dark, brown, box dye to a nice, caramel brown on her first session." Rich, chocolatey tones melt into beautiful caramels and golds in this look that Fermin describes as "a transformation in the making." Below, she shares her formula for creating this color.Formulas

Colorists Jordan Glindmyer and Ali Boone recently created this gorgeous blue-green hair color for their client. A rainbow of turquoise, teal and lime green, the end result is stunning, multidimensional color. Now, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day, Glindmyer shares the steps she took to create this fun, colorful look. Get the Look:Natural level: 3Canvas level: 7-9 blue

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