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Six Ways to Be a Glamour Queen: Schwarzkopf Revolutionizes Styling
New from Schwarzkopf Professional, OSiS+ Glamour Queen makes it possible to achieve an incredible array of stunning styles! Schwarzkopf Brand Ambassador Michael Dueñas gave us the scoop on how to make the most of this amazing product, with tips and techniques for six different uses of Glamour Queen as well as photos from the Essential Looks Style-Tec Collection. Stylist: Tyler Johnston and Lesley Jennison Photos: Gerd Bayer and Tobias Unger  

Tondeo Rotation Shears Offer More Freedom, More Comfort
Meet one of the newest additions to the shear category!   Twist and turn as you like; the Rotation goes along with any movement. Based on an idea by U.S.-based designer Carmelo Zammitto, the innovative shears feature an eye that rotates 360° on the lower blade. The lock ensures that the eye remains in the required position when working. In the Rotation Free version, the eye rotates free and facilitates ergonomic work.

Acquarella from Provides Mani Solutions for Chemo Patients
Punchy neons and classic nudes have been big hits for manicures on and off the runways this year. For the fashionable women of the world who have been diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, the simple task of applying polish can be a feat. Oftentimes the chemical smells of polish are enough to make them feel sick. Acquarella from provides a perfect (and pretty!) solution.

JKS Touch Up Offers Revolutionary Color Coverage
See her roots? ...Neither do we!   Designed to refresh color between services—or even add wild pops of color for special occasions—JKS International Touch Up Color Spray Powder is a transformation in a bottle. It's not a harmful paint, as seen in some other brands—it's truly a spray powder, like the name says.   You saw the after; now check out the before:   Oh, the wonder of a good touch-up!  

Color Wow Makes Touch-Ups Easier than Ever!
Knowing your roots in life is, by all accounts, a good thing. But showing your roots? ...Not so much! With Color Wow Root Cover Up, you can disguise dreaded roots and regrowth quickly and easily—with no mess—for perfect results in under a minute.   [Image:]

Southern Charm: FarmHouse Fresh's New Whoopie! Cream Body Wash
Skincare company FarmHouse Fresh recently debuted its new Whoopie! Cream Body Wash, based on the fan-favorite, best-selling Whoopie! Shea Butter Body Cream. With a delicious aroma reminiscent of Southern pastries, the "whipped, creamy body wash bubbles without sulfates while leaving behind [the] delectable fresh-baked whoopie pie scent," according to Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh brands.

Ciate Puts the "Cute" in Cuticle with New Tattoos
The innovators at Ciaté London are at it again! This fresh trend in nail art is perfect for those who want to add oomph to their manicure with a simple application and finish. These super simple transfers make a cute fashion statement and offer up a tattooed look—without the needle.     The easily transfered designs create an eye-catching statement that's subtle, yet chic.

Le Mieux's New, Luminous Brightening Serum
Recently, professional skincare brand Le Mieux debuted its new Brightening Serum, a product that helps increase the skin's luminosity while enhancing the skin's clarity using tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (vitamin C) and alpha-arbutin, a natural brightening agent. 

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