Macadamia Professional recently announced that Manda Ruff has joined the company as the Global Creative Director. She brings over 16 years of marketing and design experience, almost exclusively in the professional haircare industry. Manda will lead the creative direction of the company in her new role. 

With spring just on the horizon, many clients are seeking lighter, blonder shades, but why not go for something a little more bold? Like fields of spring flowers, or a fiery summer sunset, there's no bad time to help your guest unleash her inner redhead. Hair colorist Fawn Anne (Instagram @your_face_in_vain) recently mixed things up with this rich, red hair color that's equal parts bold and beautiful. Below, she shares the steps she took to create this look.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Product Guide
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there's no better time to support this important cause by donating to research and awareness organizations that help save lives. Don't know where to start? We've gathered together a list of some of the top beauty brands' hair, skincare, and nail products and tools you'll love - all of which donate to breast cancer awareness organizations.Click through to see the guide! [Image: Getty Images] [pagebreak]

NYFW Get the Look: Symmetric Braids at Maria Ke Fisherman SS 2015
Maria Ke Fisherman’s Spring 2015 collection is inspired by the “imperviousness of innocence and youth in the fractal city.” In this densely populated city, where criminal gangs suppose the only order, one young girl is saved by the last firefighter. With this in mind, CATWALK® by TIGI® Global Creative Director Nick Irwin developed a strong braided look which softens through the front, speaking perfectly to Maria Ke Fisherman’s impermeable girl.  Overall Look: Strong, symmetric braidsHow-To:

The Blonds’ Spring 2015 collection is inspired by world-traveling, gangtsta genies – girls who are in three cities in one day and always ready for any sartorial situation. With this inspiration in mind, CATWALK® by TIGI® Global Creative Director Nick Irwin was able to refine this ‘I dream of genie’look by mastering a show-stopping, dramatic braid - truly fitting for The Blonds.  Overall Look: Gangsta genie braidHow-To:

Katie Gallagher’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Fantasm is inspired by the idea of ‘sad romance.’ Inspired once again by Katie herself, CATWALK® by TIGI® Global Creative Director Nick Irwin developed an airy, romantic hair look that speaks perfectly to Gallagher’s effortlessly chic girl.Overall Look: Romantic textured-ponyHow-To:• Prep the hair by spraying CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo on random sections to create an unkempt, textured look.

TIGI's Kim Anderson talks about how to create her ICA look!

NYFW Hair: Shiny Low Ponies by TIGI at Parkchoonmoo
Inspiration: For their 25th anniversary, designer Demi Park of Parkchoonmoo has been inspired by an almost alchemical approach, going back to the very root of what "design" means to her personally. FW14 is a season of re-interpreting her old collections and studies, going back to her roots and, in her opinion, what really defines fashion. To complement the collection, CATWALK® by TIGI® Global Creative Director Nick Irwin has created a simple and sleek variation of the classic ponytail, complete with ample shine and style. Overall Look: Chic and shiny low ponytail  

NYFW Hair: Desert-Chic Braid by TIGI at Mara Hoffman
Inspiration: Mara Hoffman’s Fall 2014 collection is inspired by the art, landscapes, textiles, and jewelry of Northern Africa. Rugs of Morocco, camels in the Egyptian desert and Bedouin jewelry are references for this season’s aesthetic. Once again, Hoffman and CATWALK® by TIGI® Global CreativeDirector Nick Irwin paired up to develop an intricately effortless hair look that speaks perfectly to Hoffman's confident, sultry, glamorous girl.   Overall Look: A brave, back to the desert braid

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