Sherry Ratay

New Hair Color: Ratay's Red
After seeing the stunning blonde and brunette color from celebrity stylist Sherry Ratay's Hues of Natural Perfection, I was looking forward to seeing her color on a redhead. Last week, I was in luck. I got to be that redhead!

Celebrity Hair How-To: Lacey Chabert's All American Balayage
Actress Lacey Chabert is getting ready to celebrate her 30th birthday and plan a wedding! With such big events ahead, Lacey turned to colorist extraordinaire Sherry Ratay for an "All American Balayage" for the summer!  Sherry shares how to achieve and maintain this look:GET LACEY’S LOOK: STEP 1: Start in the bottom nape working towards the top of the head, move forward to the front hairline alternating with multiple shades to create shade on shade.

Sherry Ratay shares the formulas for a blonde and brunette look from her collection Hues of Natural Perfection. Bombshell Blonde:

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