Furthering Your Education: Repêchage CEO Lydia Sarfati Reveals How!
Interested in pursuing an advanced education in beauty? We consulted with Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati to give you vital tips on continuing your education and expanding your knowledge base. Below, Sarfati contributes her expertise!  

Creating a Professional Image: Repêchage CEO Lydia Sarfati Reveals How!
Wondering how to make a perfect first impression? We consulted with Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati to give you vital tips on creating a professional image. Below, Sarfati contributes her expertise!  

Developing a Mission Statement: Repêchage CEO Lydia Sarfati Reveals How!
We are privileged and excited to present a guest blog from Lydia Sarfati, a true pioneer in the beauty industry. Sarfati is the CEO and Founder of skincare and haircare giant Repêchage. She opened the Lydia Sarfati Skincare Academy in Secaucus, New Jersey, and continues to develop ground-breaking beauty products and services for the industry. Here, Sarfati reveals some of the secrets to her success—specifically, how you can develop a mission statement for your business and cultivate your image. We hope you enjoy!

We salivate over—er, salute rising star Henry Cavill.

Beauty News: Repêchage Spas & Migraine Research Foundation Team Up for June’s Mi
Repêchage is teaming up with the Migraine Research Foundation and spas nationwide to raise funds and awareness in honor of June’s Migraine Awareness Month. Did you know 1 in 10 Americans (10% of population) suffer from migraines? Amazingly, the cause of the disease is still unknown and about half of all migraine sufferers are never diagnosed. 

Beauty Products: Holiday Gift Guide
Looking for the perfect holiday gifts for your family, friends and clients?  Check out our holiday gift guide! [pagebreak]

ICA 2012 Backstage: Shiri Safarti Chats About 30 Minutes to Beauty
Repechage EVP Shiri Sarfati talk with Atlanta hairstylist Steve Hightower about Repechage's new hair care line and how it can elevate salon's revenues.

On May 3rd, 2012 Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati and Repechage Corporate Educator Lauren Streeter joined Lois Christie, Owner and Founder of Christie & Co. Salon ● Spa for a special Mother’s Day skin care event!

Sure you're headed to the desert for the music, but you're also going to look good! Here are 12 products to help you get through Coachella looking your best. You can thank us on Monday!1. Sunscreen This weekend weather is going to reach into the hundreds! Protect your face from the sun with Solar Defense Booster SPF50 by Dermalogica. Add critical UVA and UVB defense to your moisturizer or foundation with this broad spectrum sunscreen for all skin conditions.

Repêchage Professional Skin Care has been incorporated into the Cosmetology Program at Paul Mitchell the School-Tysons Corner. The skin care company has already been incorporated into Paul Mitchell Cosmetology Schools across the country and hopes to see this partnership continue to flourish.  

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