The Privé Design Team led by master stylist Laurent Dufourg did a record number of shows at Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles this week. Launchpad’s Editor at Large Marianne Dougherty went backstage yesterday to watch the team prepare for the first show of the day, which featured three designers: Tina Marie, Silvia Bours and Cristina Nitopi. Dufourg’s son Chelby, who is Director of Education, gave her the lowdown on the three disparate looks. Let’s start with CrisTina NiToPi where the models sported very textured 1940s rolls but with a modern twist.

Beauty Products: Holiday Gift Guide
Looking for the perfect holiday gifts for your family, friends and clients?  Check out our holiday gift guide! [pagebreak]

Hairstyles How To: Scarlett Johansson at the Democratic National Convention
At this year’s Democratic National Convention, which took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, Scarlett Johansson took to the stage and rocked a “messy up-do.”  She wanted a lot of texture in her hair with a “rockabilly” feel to it.

"Stylists like to come up with a mixture of products that they can use," says celebrity stylist Laurent Dufourg. "In France it's called melange but in the states we call them hair potions." Below Privé Salon stylists from New York, Miami and Los Angeles share their secret melange Privé Products: For Added Hydration:

On July 23, 2012 in Atlanta, GA, Prive will hold an inspirational and motivational educational class covering everything you need to know to run a successful salon in this day and age: customer relations, attracting the right staff, PR & marketing, social media and much more.  Spend a day with Ken Baker, Privé Programs Manager, investing in your staff and business while learning how to build a cohesive winning team. Tools and resources are provided as well as immediate actionable take away steps.

Power Dinner
I had the pleasure of attending Privé's Exclusive Diamond Salon Dinner, held at Privé CEO/COO Jackie Applebaum's beautiful home in Los Angeles. The event hosted top salon owners from all across the country who carry Privé products exclusively in their salons. After spending the day gaining valuable techniques and business building strategies at a symposium led by Camala Casco, Director of Business and Education for Privé, everyone was treated to a four-course gourmet dinner, prepared by the talented Ms. Applebaum.

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