John Simpson

Hair Trends: Create Rose Gold Hair Color with Goldwell
Seen on such famous stars as Ellie Goulding and Sienna Miller, rose gold hair color is quickly becoming a popular version of the pastel hair trend so widely embraced last year. According to John Simpson, Lead Artistic Director for Goldwell and Global Master Team, "Rose gold is the new blonde phenomenon, sweeping the red carpets and salons worldwide!

Hankering to learn from two of probeauty's best—Goldwell's John Simpson and Deborah Gavin? You're in luck! The dynamic duo are facilitating a ColorZoom Webinar on Feb 8th, sharing with stylists tips on how to put together a winning color submission for this year's ColorZoom competition, including advice on how to build a storyboard, produce, coordinate and execute a photo shoot. To learn more, visit -Alyson Osterman

J'aime Paris et Goldwell!
This is SO not just another blog entry. Why, you ask? Because I am typing from my laptop in PARIS, here for Goldwell's annual Color Zoom Challenge! These past few days have been quite a whirlwind, but to quickly recap: Saturday: I arrived in Paris, just in time for Goldwell's North America Welcome Party, where I got to meet with company VIPs like Mario Argenti and star stylists including John Simpson and Dimitrios Tsioumas.

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