Hair Tips Video: Your FAQs about Pravana Pastels Answered!
Do you use Pravana for your hair color needs, or have you been wanting to try it out? The company's Vice President of Marketing, Bethany Crellin, answers your frequently asked questions about the Chromasilk Pastels line, including application tips to increase vibrancy and longevity of the color. See it below.

Brig challenges stylists to rethink their approach to coloring hair as she creates a circular hair design using ChromaSilk and VIVIDs. She refused the confines of coloring hair vertically and horizontally.  Using spherical objects, Brig overlapped four colors onto hair, creating a whimsical circular pattern.  The result is fun and thought-provoking.  Using color stamping as an option opens up an endless world of creating color patterns and textures that are often found solely in graphic and textile design. 

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