Hair Color How To: Wild Magenta Orchid by Lindsey DeMith
Lindsey DeMith created this beautiful wild magenta orchid color for a regular client who frequently changes her hair color. Lindsey explains step-by-step how she created the look:1. For this color, I started with Malibu DDL with 20 volume to remove her previous teal at the root area that melted into wild orchid and violet.2. Once I was able to lift that out, I lightened the base with Keune Cream Bleach and 30 volume and balayaged some pieces throughout to diffuse the line of demarcation at the regrowth. I lifted her to a level 9.

Andis Classically Modern Tousled
From the Andis collection Classically Modern. You., this tousled look can go from polished to artfully mussed and back again, as length on top provides style flexibility. This is also a great option for clients with thin/thinning hair. Read on for the exclusive how-to!   Step 1: Wet hair and create a horseshoe-shaped parting from the receded area of each temple around the parietal ridge.  

How to Make Your Own Wool Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks are slightly rebellious and youthful, yet there is a misconception that they are easy to maintain. They actually require constant maintenance to keep clean and controlled, and when ready to transition to a new look, they have to either be cut or picked out which is extremely time consuming.  Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa, has an alternative way to create dreads with wool, making them less of a commitment and easier to maintain.

Create a pretty french twist for mid-length to long Hair. Stylist Jasmine Chang guides you step-by-step to achieving this amazing updo, perfect for holiday celebrations! [Image and video courtesy of Jasmine Chang]

blonde to brunette beautiful dramatic makeover by Victoria Mills
Victoria Mills created this beautiful cut and color makeover at Cuts By US salon in Tallahassee, Florida. We asked Victoria to walk us through some tips on how to make clients happy when giving them a dramatic transformation.  When it comes to giving a client a dramatic makeover, the consultation process is an essential step in achieving a look that the client will love. Victoria explains, "Always start with good consultation. That is the number one rule!"Victoria offers these tips for a successful consultation:

Learn how to create this multi-dimensional Balayage in shades of strawberry, copper & gold by Robin Dorton of Salon Head Candy!

GKhair's Sophisticated Spring Updo
Just in time for the wedding/prom season, GKhair International Creative Director Misha Belfer shares tips on creating a sexy and sophisticated updo for spring!    Before:   After: Note: This should be done on pre-curled hair.  Continue on for the step-by-step how to! [pagebreak] 1- (Triangle Facing down) Create ear to ear sections separating the front from the back. 

Hair: I Fuoriclasse  |  Makeup: Cristina Marzo per Diadema  |  Photography: Stefano BidiniArt Director: Fabio Messina (Click the page numbers below to see each step) [pagebreak] 1.  Beginning at the hairline on the left, comb the hair into a natural fall.

Hair Styles How To: Makeover: Tina by Diadema
Hair  Diadema  |  Art Director:  Fabio Messina  |  Photography:  Andrea RainoldiMakeup:  Cristina Marzo per 20100Milano  |  Stylist:  Chiara Tubia [pagebreak] Step 1:  Create a part on the left side at a slight diagonal.

Hair Styles How To: Makeover: Danielle by Diadema
Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion  |  Makeup: Cristina Marzo per 20100 Milano  |  Photography: Stefano Bidini (Click the page numbers below to see each step) [pagebreak] Step 1:  Make a part from the occipital to the tip of the eyebrow and isolate the top.

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