Cares in the Whirled

Cares in the Whirled

LP and joined forces to discover what weighs most on curly girls’ minds!

And curlistas' top concerns are:

  1. Frizz
  2. Shrinkage
  3. A fave product will be discontinued
  4. For those who straighten their hair, that someone will discover their hair is naturally curly
  5. Whether men prefer straight hair to curly hair
  6. Stylists may not understand curly hair
  7. Finding a professional curly style for work
  8. Discovering good products
  9. Acceptance of curls in society and in the workplace
  10. Finding different styles that work for curls
  11. Dealing with curls when there’s little access to products
  12. Lack of predictability
  13. Triangle-head
  14. Caring for curly kids’ hair, and teaching them to view it as an asset rather than a curse
  15. Styling time
  16. Crunchy hair
  17. Trying not to be obsessed with their hair

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