Chromatic Harmony

Get in hue with spring's color trends with Chromatic Harmony from the Gary Manuel Salon.

The design team at Gary Manuel Salon have created Chromatic Harmony, a spring collection that exemplifies the exuberance and vibrancy of the season with complimentary contrasting colors. “After the dark colors this fall and the state of the economy, we felt it was time to explode with multi tones of copper,” shares Gary Howse, cofounder and creative director of Gary Manuel Salon. “The looks build on one another to weave the color story together, adding depth and drama.” The texture and shapes within the styles are reminiscent of the '80s with more polish and a better understanding of silhouette.

The three looks demonstrate different levels of tempo through their various lengths, color saturation and texture. Each of the copper colors exhibits multiple tones and levels making them seem complex yet solid. Then they build upon one another in tempo, texture and color, creating a harmony of styles and moods. The makeup, by Ali Boyd of Gary Manuel Salon, creates the counterpoint between the looks with strong eye and lip colors.

Click through the three pages below to read all about each trend! —Amy Dodds

Accessories compliments of The Finerie and clothing from Nieman Marcus.      

Agitato con fuoco

Alex Lawlis, a Gary Manuel Salon senior designer, created the "Agitato con fuoco," a lively and fast style which sweeps the shoulder. The haircut contains a series of triangles within it to create volume and weight. With the most color saturation and four different types of texture, Alex orchestrated a fiery orange look that can be worn either straight or curly depending on the mood.

Allegro subito

"Allegro subito," conceived by Tsofia Richter, education director of Gary Manuel Salon, has a sparkling and bright tempo. This style has the most delicate color, resulting in a peaches-and-cream look. To mimic the tempo of the color, the cut appears to always be in motion with one side cropped close to the head and the other with more width and sweep

Allegretto con brio

The longest look, "Allegretto con brio," executed by Heather Dobson, is a frenzy of texture woven into color. This trend used temporary texture strategies to create a dramatic and highly styled look to transform the long hair. Dobson refined and brightened the model’s natural red hair color to complement the other looks.

Chromatic Harmony expresses the explosiveness of spring—emotion, liveliness, hope—in varying degrees through color and texture. “As a society we're smarter and more conscious of our exuberance. It's more sophisticated than before and this collection reflects that,” smiles Howse.