Bamboo Eco-Chic

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[Images courtesy of Alterna Professional Haircare]

Boho Waves

•    Bamboo Style Super Natural Curl
•    Bamboo Style Freestyle Control Gel
•    Bamboo Style Boho Waves
•    Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray

•    On clean, dry hair cocktail Bamboo Style Super Natural Curl and Bamboo Style Freestyle Control Gel equal parts.
•    Blow dry using a large round brush to smooth while maintaining body.
•    Divide the hair into two primary sections from your temples all the way to the back of the head.
•    Section out the crown of your hair for later.
•    Mist the back and sides of your hair with Bamboo Style Boho Waves.
•    Starting at the back and bottom of your hair in vertical sections use a 1” barrel iron and wrap the hair around the iron working towards the face on both sides. Do not close the clasp on the hair.
•    With each section leave least 3” of hair out of the iron. This creates a less formal effect by having the ends not be as curly.
•    Now curl the back of the crown making sure you are still curling towards the face.
•    Continuing to mist the hair as-you-go with Bamboo Style Boho Waves…curl the front of the crown away from the face to create that natural, Eco-Chic feeling.
•    Tousle the hair with your fingers and finish with the Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray.4377

Choppy Bob

•    Bamboo Style Freestyle Control Gel
•    Bamboo Style Texturizing Body Boost Volumizing Liquid Powder
•    Bamboo Style Form Paste

•    On clean dry hair apply the Bamboo Style Flexible Control Gel and round brush using a smaller round brush to create texture.
•    Next Use the Bamboo Style Texturizing Body Boost Volumizing Liquid Powder. Give the hair just under the crown a light sprinkle and work through the ends to create a disconnected texture.
•    Take remaining crown into equal vertical sections and lightly sprinkle more Bamboo Style Texturizing Body Boost Volumizing Liquid Powder.
•    Using your flat iron create soft messy undone waves by twisting your flat iron around your small vertical sections in the crown
•    Finish the looking using Bamboo Style Form Paste from roots to tips to sculpt and enhance your design. 4379

Long Shag

•    Bamboo Style Texturizing Body Boost Volumizing Liquid Powder
•    Bamboo Style Freestyle Control Gel

•    Zone 1 & 2: Crescent shaped sections parallel to part line pivoting from stationary guide
•    Zone 3:  Radius sections pivoting from stationary guide at the apex

•    Precut the length of the hair using the Alterna-tive Styling Band. Double loop the band. Make sure hair is all parted correctly and brushed to the back perimeter then apply the band.
•    In Zone 1, use hinge in motion to cut from the part line, using a stationary guide, and crescent sections. Working in a counter clockwise motion, take all sections back to the original section. Continue until reaching the ear base balance point.
•    In Zone 2, repeat hinge in motion, using stationary guide and crescent sections, working in a clockwise motion, taking all sections back to the original guide. Continue until you reach the ear base balance point.
•    In Zone 3, from ear base to ear base, using gravity as your guide, take radius sections rotating from the stationary Apex guide, use downward refraction.
•    Customize and perfect the fringe using pinch and upward refraction.4383