Man Laid Bare

Avant-garde artiste extraordinaire Flora Pilos releases her latest collection, Man Laid Bare, exclusively for Launchpad!

We sat down with the consummate expressionist to get her views on humanity, the duality of the spirit and the simulacrum of semblance.

Man Laid Bare limns the unmitigated human experience,” purrs Pilos. “Exploring the dialectic of the dueling psyche, this collection serves as a paradigm for the battle that man wages to overcome this duality. The repressed id, finally triumphant over these obstacles, is emancipated.”

Anima vs. Animus

Anima vs Animus“Here I explore two primary anthropomorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind: anima and animus,” Pilos continues. “The male—or animus—is static, obdurate, unbending; while anima is free, wild and transcends the requisite for abstemiousness.”

Waging War

“I celebrate individual, idiosyncratic asseveration, even when it wants to box me 'round the ears!” trills Pilos, whose mirth fills the room. “Here the psyche wages war against itself, preparing to fight the unwinnable; yet it does not represent our reaction to the fight, but our innate tendency to venerate the fight itself as something sacred and iconic.”

The Repressed Id Takes Flight

Flora PilosHave a great day!

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