Seche's Winter Collection: Warm, Cozy and a Little Bit Glamorous
We beauty devotees adjust to the seasons whenever the time comes—it's one of the joys of our industry, and it allows for that much-needed spice of life, variety. And as beauty insiders who keep our fingers on the pulse of current trends, we love our tonal shifts. Summer means bright, hot, neon, POW! And winter? Deep, cool, neutral, jewel tones and an overall sense of luxury. Seche's winter collection of polishes takes its cues from this luxe tradition, conveying the title "Warm and Cozy" with chestnuts-roasting, sweater-wearing, latté-loving flair.

How To Handle Negative Online Reviews: Be Nice!
I think we can all agree that not everyone should be granted the First Amendment Right. I know, I know, that would be considered “unconstitutional.” Freedom of Speech is great, unless you have a disgruntled client that goes online and writes a review that is a complete lie. Has this happened to you? Because it has happened to me, more than once, and each time it made me feel like a complete failure. I have had an employee that I fired go online and pose as an unhappy client and write a horribly untrue review. Lie.

Do you know your A,B,Cs of natural budget beauty? Check out these tips for clever beauty products from A to Z! Apples: Apples contain Malic acid which act as a natural astringent. Beets: Natural coloring in beets can act as a lip and cheek stain. Coffee grinds: Research has shown that the caffeine in coffee grinds helps reduce unsightly cellulite.

My Melted-Chocolate Makeover at I.C.O.N. Lab Salon
Confession: When someone offers me chocolate, I can't say no. So when I was offered a dye job that would resemble chocolate—in the spirit of fall 2013's dimensional brunette trend—I was way too elated by the prospect to suggest anything else. I was fortunate enough to be in the chair of I.C.O.N. Lab Salon's very own Crystil Olsen, a stylist and educator who's worked with the brand for nine (!) years. And not only that, I got to experience I.C.O.N.'s new ECOTECH permanent haircolor, a creamy and ammonia-free formula with vibrant and rich capabilities. The ingredients?

The Private Room owner Tina Dizon and me, Alyson Osterman-Kerr
I recently had the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite Beverly Hills salons: The Private Room. Not only did owner Tina Dizon treat me to an amazing gravity-defying blowout along with a sparking demipermanent "Tiger's Eye" brunette hue (part of the salon's brand-new "The Glossary" bar)-which in and of itself, makes for one fantastic salon experience-but the "service" I experienced at the salon was one of the best.

Nail Art Goes Nerdy for My TV Debut!
Did you know that during the 1400s, women would shave their foreheads, pluck their eyelashes and brows completely and whiten their faces and decolletage with ceruse—a concoction of vinegar and powdered lead? (Pretty gnarly.) Or that during the 17th and 18th centuries, women used drops from the poisonous belladonna plant to dilate their pupils, purely for the sake of beauty? That coal tar was the Elizabethan era's answer to eyeliner? Sacre bleu, it's all true.

It was so great reconnecting with Marilyn Manson on Chris Hardwick's show "The Talking Dead" on AMC! I did Manson's video "Tainted Love" with the cast of Not Another Teen Movie a few years ago and we laughed over the antics that happened during those two days we spent together. He reminded me that I was one of only 3 makeup artists that he'd ever let do his makeup. He usually does it himself!

Pulling Out Your Hair? 6 Ways to Deal With Difficult Customers
As a hairstylist who sees clients daily, you’re bound to run into at least a handful of difficult customers, and the more customers you deal with, the more likely it is to happen. Here are six ways to deal with difficult customers and avoid awkward situations. Follow these tips and you may even earn a new loyal client! 

Guest Post: Volume - Bigger Is Better
Sam Villa, Founding Partner of the Sam Villa® brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, shares his big volume tips!

Lucie Doughty offers a little background on what’s become every stylists’ best friend, the bobby pin.

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