The Logics of Branding
What is your brand? Can you easily answer that question, or are you still scratching your head? (Don't worry; I just had to write my own bio, and I was scratching my head for a full day!)

Awapuhi Me!
Mona Maleki, me (senior associate editor Alyson Osterman) and Christopher Enlow

Manning Up

Joico's Clinicure Stylers Are Here!
Hairstylist Tammy Laimos of Minardi Salon gives her thinning hair clients a boost with Joico's new Clinicure Stylers at a NYC media event.  

La Dolce Vito
Vito Esposito Salon welcomed Beverly Hills' finest last night for cocktails, appetizers and a meet and greet with Vito himself. I had a chance to chat with the animated Italian stylist about the salon's latest and greatest services, including the Midollo di Bamboo hair reconstruction treatment (which I plan to sample first-hand in the near future) and the Semi di Lino Diamante treatment for long-lasting shine.

J'aime Paris et Goldwell!
This is SO not just another blog entry. Why, you ask? Because I am typing from my laptop in PARIS, here for Goldwell's annual Color Zoom Challenge! These past few days have been quite a whirlwind, but to quickly recap: Saturday: I arrived in Paris, just in time for Goldwell's North America Welcome Party, where I got to meet with company VIPs like Mario Argenti and star stylists including John Simpson and Dimitrios Tsioumas.

My New 'Do
One expects a salon to be relatively busy on a Friday afternoon. But one doesn't expect it to be chockablock with clients and staff, rocking out to thumping sounds! Such was the case at Identity Salon in Encino, California, when I visited it to spend some time with hair maestro Mohammad Rahebi.

In the Education Zone with Concept

ENJOY Yourself!
From left: Alyson Osterman (me!), Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley and Victor Paul

Hugs For All
Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean and LP's Jillian Gordon and Alyson Osterman Last week, I--along with my colleague Jillian Gordon--were thrilled to be a part of Paul Mitchell the School's nationwide "Free Hugs" campaign in Sherman Oaks, California, where Future Professionals and educators (along with members of the Backstreet Boys! swoon...) spread the love by hugging passerby on a crowded street in Los Angeles. Watch the video!  

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