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ENJOY Yourself!
From left: Alyson Osterman (me!), Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley and Victor Paul

Hugs For All
Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean and LP's Jillian Gordon and Alyson Osterman Last week, I--along with my colleague Jillian Gordon--were thrilled to be a part of Paul Mitchell the School's nationwide "Free Hugs" campaign in Sherman Oaks, California, where Future Professionals and educators (along with members of the Backstreet Boys! swoon...) spread the love by hugging passerby on a crowded street in Los Angeles. Watch the video!  

I 'Do!
I’m not the type who can’t admit when I’m wrong: Many moons ago, I swore that I’d never have a wedding at the beach because of my hair, which has a tendency to frizz in humidity. Well, guess what? I’m getting married…by the beach.

Power Dinner
I had the pleasure of attending Privé's Exclusive Diamond Salon Dinner, held at Privé CEO/COO Jackie Applebaum's beautiful home in Los Angeles. The event hosted top salon owners from all across the country who carry Privé products exclusively in their salons. After spending the day gaining valuable techniques and business building strategies at a symposium led by Camala Casco, Director of Business and Education for Privé, everyone was treated to a four-course gourmet dinner, prepared by the talented Ms. Applebaum.

Katy Did
If anyone caught last night's MTV Video Music Awards, you couldn't miss the outlandish fashions that graced the "white carpet." But Lady Gaga antics aside, the gal that continues to capture my attention and inner red carpet diva is the lovely Ms. Katy Perry. Oh how I love Katy, let me count the ways.

Pittsburgh Steeler Insures Hair For $1 Million
Talk about a good hair day! Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu had his famous three-foot-long locks insured for a whopping $1 million with Lloyds of London. Polamalu has always refused to cut his hair and considers it a tribute to his Samoan heritage.

The Long and Short of It
With short 'dos cropping up on some of Hollywood's top A-listers, there's no doubt that Tinseltown has gone a bit scissor happy. From Carey Mulligan to Emma Watson - finding your inner Mia Farrow never looked so good! Image: Carey Mulligan; Newscom Image: Emma Watson;  So who is the latest celeb to join the shorn ranks?

Going Editorial with Oribe
Stylists surround Oribe as he demos the current trends.  

How Suite It Is
I have to admit, being an LP editor is a pretty sweet gig. In fact, I would say there are days when we are downright spoiled. Take yesterday for example. My day on the job included attending Byron & Tracey Salon's Pre-Emmy's Indulgence Retreat for an afternoon of refreshments, swag and pampering alongside Hollywood's elite - oh and getting a fantastic cut from one of the salon's super talented stylists.

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