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Hairstyles How To: Straight and Curly

Above Photo: Lucie Doughty As we say goodbye to the winter blues and get reacquainted with cheery spring, we see things differently now, and well… we are downright tickled pink about it! The Spring 2013 runways reflected this styling ‘Spring Cleaning’ in two ways: the deep-sided part and the glossy sheen.Styling Trend: Shiny Happy People

Step outside of the box and go for a fun and funky style for your prom or party. Tired of your drab doo? Spice it up with a fabulous up-style and accent it with glittering gems. Editorial stylist, Sherri Jessee, goes the extra distance by adding touches of the unexpected with bold lip colors.

Lauren Barnette
  Wouldn't you love to know the special secrets of Beauty Queens?

Bridal Hair How-to
This is the time of year when romantic Summer weddings are planned. First on the list is to get THE dress. Next, one of the most important items to check off a busy bride's list is: who will do her hair and makeup on that special day? Will she choose to wear her hair up or down... curly or straight... veil or accessories? All of these details need to be decided upon ahead of time to minimize stress on the special day.  

America’s Love Affair with Lashes
Reflecting back on the beauty industry over the last few years, one area that has seen enormous growth is eyelash extensions. So it’s no surprise that “American women spent 44 million dollars on fake eyelashes last year” says Dr. Travis from the CBS television show The Doctors. Many have the opinion that long lashes make a woman look and feel beautiful. But it’s not just women who are drawn to this growing trend. Other studies have shown that what subconsciously attracts men to women is the size of a woman’s eyelashes.

Five Key Herbs and Nutrients that Naturally Nourish Healthy Hair Growth
Ironically, while many women are beginning their hair removal routines for the spring and summer months, approximately 40 percent of women in the US are suffering from hair loss. The following five key nutrients naturally nourish the hair follicles to promote stronger, faster-growing hair, helping women to enjoy the thick, healthy locks they desire. 

Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Jason Setiawan

NYFW Anna Francesca

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