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Just yesterday, I was editing a superb story by our past intern, Meredith Turley, about salons across the country that have taken the current economic crisis and put a hopeful spin on it by offering free or discounted services to the recently unemployed.

I’ll openly admit it: My husband and I are American Idol nerds. We DVR it so we can rewind if need be; we debate the merits of all the contestants (I’m an Adam Lambert fan; he digs Kris Allen). So, when this last Tuesday fiery red-head Allison Iraheta announced to Ryan Seacrest that she paid a visit to fellow crooner Adam Lambert’s stylist “Abreea” for a bit of mane revamping, I had to rewind and replay, and rewind and replay. She gave props to her stylist on one of the most-watched televisions shows! What a coup for a hairstylist!

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